About Us

About Us

COMOD offers a variety of services from :

Rental or sale;
Transformation with multiple purposes and goals;
Manufacture of modular structures with sandwich panel with the possibility of various finishes, thus creating construction possibilities;

COMOD aims to overcome limits day after day and in that sense the idea of ​​transforming maritime containers into swimming pools also came up. In addition to doing it for individuals, we already had great joy and satisfaction in being able to participate in the transformation of two swimming pools for the Portuguese Navy’s diving baptisms.

Our goal is always to be able to carry out our clients’ projects, even if they are challenging. For us it just seems impossible until it happens.

COMOD is a united team. It is a team that also dreams your dreams and seeks to make them come true.
So if you have a project and you’re still thinking about it, look us up. Check our website and our profile on Facebook or Instagram. Surely all of us here as a team will be able to help you.

You imagine, Comod makes it happen!