Construction Project

Previous Study / Idea

When we talk about the previous study, it can emcompass various steps. Inside this study we can include the fist contact between the company and the client, until de final project.

Can include:

  • Freehand drawing.
  • Digital format drawings.
  • Work models.
  • Etc.


For a project to be built with quality and without unnecessary expenses, we need a budget to control and track the materials that will be used and its costs.


  • Execution plan.
  • Materials used.
  • Finishes.


Interior walls and ceilings for every taste with the best result and maximum quality. A variety of solutions made to answer every costumers necessity with a wide pallet of colors and finishes that make the difference.
The use of melamine film for interior coating, combines wood-based colors with new decorative trends.


We have available the best covering solutions that fit different architectural styles, from classic to contemporary, from rustic to urban, designed to respond to any need, always with the best result.

They are specially designed for outdoors, responding to the greatest demands of the architecture and construction sectors, decorating and protecting even the facades exposed to the most adverse weather conditions, a property conferred by the PVC film (Renolit) that offers total protection against UV rays, humidity and temperature variations.
This coating solution is available in two formats: with 1 cm of separation between pieces or with just 4 mm.
There is a variety of finishes, with different tones of wood, RAL’s and metallic tones, bringing together the best of the PVC exterior coating, ensuring the best results and durability.

Interior and exterior walls and ceilings, for all styles, from classic to the most modern, always guarantee the best result, with the highest quality.
A variety of solutions designed to respond to different needs, in a wide palette of tones and finishes that make the difference, beautifying while protecting.


We have professionals specialized in the different areas of design and construction.

We use excellent quality materials with high durability and strength.

Deck Flooring

The combination of wood and thermoplastic results in a composite deck, with undisputed advantages over the traditional solution.
Perfectly adaptable to all architectural styles and designed to give the best response to outdoor needs, we work with the ideal floor for the outdoor spaces.
The composite deck has non-slip surface, with a natural wood look and feel, in three different shades that suit different architectural styles and needs: Camel, Teka and Granite.
For perfect spaces with a longer maintenance-free time.

Interior Flooring

We work with the best floors on the market. We highlight vinyl flooring solutions with excellent performance, both aesthetically and technically.
There are over 100 patterns and a wide variety of ruler or tile formats. Excellent dimensional stability, huge offer and great durability are some of the collection’s characteristics. We can find situations to imitate wood, stone, mosaics or assume a smooth and homogeneous texture.

Available in glued, self-supporting and click system versions. These references share its design, excellent dimensional stability and unique embossing included in the finishing layer and can be used in various situations. Just choose your design and color, and the application method that best suits the location.